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How to Make International Long-Distance Relationships Work During the Pandemic

All relationships require time and effort to make them work. But, international long-distance relationships(LDR), take much more time and effort than other relationships, especially during the pandemic when it’s difficult to visit each other. If you are in this kind of relationship or considering finding one on international dating sites, continue reading to know how to make this challenging setup work for you and your partner.

Have clear expectations

Some of the things you would want to know from your partner are your goals in the relationship, how you want to be treated by your partner, and your expectations from them and the relationship, among many others. You have to keep in mind to clearly express these as early as possible, especially if you're in an international LDR. You can save yourself from feeling frustrated and disappointed in the future if you clearly set your expectations and most likely overcome all the challenges your relationship will go through, especially during the pandemic.

Anticipate differences

One of the main issues in international relationships is cultural differences. That's why many relationships like this fail because of misunderstandings. But, it doesn't mean that your relationship won't work. What you have to remember is that these differences are inevitable. You and your partner should be more understanding and willing to compromise in this difficult time.

Learn the language

When you're in an international LDR, it doesn't mean that you'll have language issues. Even though some devices and apps do translations, these won't be advantageous for you for a long time. The time will come when you have to familiarize yourself with your partner's language. So, it's recommended to learn their language as soon as possible.

Understand that there can be difficulties

International LDR isn't easy, so you better be ready for the hardships that you and your partner will have. The first thing you have to prepare for is culture shock. You have to keep in mind that adjusting to each other's traditions and language won't happen overnight. Learning and adapting these is challenging, but it needs to be done. You'll also likely go through miscommunication, feeling homesick, and more.

Don't fall into stereotypes

This means you shouldn't see your partner as a realization of how you view an ethnicity. It's alright to appreciate that your partner comes from another country. However, you shouldn't limit them to that. You should avoid stereotypes that limit how you view your partner. It's best to be open-minded and allow them to surprise you.

Think of their country as your home, too

You likely understand how crucial it is to accept your partner's culture and country of origin. You can better this by searching for hobbies and activities that allow you to discover and create a deeper connection to their country. You can also try to socialize with people from the same country to feel closer to their culture and traditions.

Meet your partner's family and friends

It doesn't matter if your partner comes from a big or small family. It's crucial to try to meet their family. By doing this, you can better understand how to make your relationship work. Moreover, meeting them will make you feel closer to each other.

Be friends with other international LDR couples

Though most international LDR couples have similarities in the issues they face in the relationship, they're not the same. That's why it's recommended to make friends with other couples in the same situation as yours to receive helpful advice.

You can avoid the mistakes these couples have gone through. Not only can you share experiences but also discover ways to handle common international LDR issues. It also feels good to have friends who understand what you're going through.

Understand differences

You can take advantage of the pandemic by trying to understand your partner's background and let them discover yours. You can concentrate on the small things such as how they communicate with their family and friends. Understand the differences will let you be more empathetic when issues arose.

Work on yourself

Being independent is vital to making a relationship healthy and balanced. This is true for all kinds of relationships. You might think that you don't need to put much effort into doing this because you're in an international LDR. But, being independent and on your own are different. You need to make the time you give yourself useful. This means doing things and making decisions that will make you improve further as a person.

Some of the things you can do are practicing self-care every day, trying a new hobby or interest, spending time with your loved ones and friends, and doing volunteer work in your community, among many others.


Finally, you understand how to make international long-distance relationship work during the pandemic. This kind of relationship is difficult, and the pandemic has made it more challenging. But, this doesn't mean it's impossible to make it lasting.

You and your partner should be determined, realistic, and focused on making your relationship work. It's best to express any concerns to your partner to ensure that you are on the same page. Put simply; communication is key to getting through the hard times.

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